Soccer Analytics

I had been a passionate soccer player for about 20 years. I was obsessed with soccer. No matter whether it was Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, La Liga (the good old days of, or the Australian A-League -- soccer was everything!

Ever since though, I have been wondering how much of a player's performance is due to his own skill and ability, and how much has actually to be attributed to his team's strength ?!

As I wanted to learn more about python and Bayesian statistics, I thought trying to answer that question would make a nice application to kick off the learning process. The result is the SFM -- a Soccer-Factor-Model, inspired by the factor-models in the finance literature -- which tries to separate a player's skill and ability from his team's strength.

If you're curious, check it out via the link below! I'd be looking forward to all sorts of comments, criticism, and suggestions!

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